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June 29, 2007

Articles in Review

Nro Two of my buddies happen to be in the National Review Online this week.

J.D. Johannes has been to Iraq and back and back and then....?  He just gave his thoughts on the Surge.  Johannes is a deceptively simple man who has had the almost unheard of advantage of seeing both the small and big picture , up close and personally. 

Buzz Patterson has also penned an article for the NRO, where he sounds the alarm that a leftist anti-American (and in my opinion nihilist) culture will never accept victory in any sense of the word.  His book is already picking up traction from the "progressive" press, and they are NOT happy.


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Progressives my ass.

When they sympathize with Islamist fascists how can they claim that title?

Anyways, are you familar with Spirit of America?

I have started volunteering my time for them and they love reaching out to the military. They help out when military personnel have requests for goods like school and medical supplies, sewing machines, hand tools, watches, water barrels, clothing, soccer gear and toys. Its a successful non-profit group that has been doing these projects in Centcom's turf since 2001.

When I was in Germany during 1968, I spent several months staying in a German hotel in Bavaria. I had numerous opportunities to speak with the old WW II German veterans. I was always surprised at how they had "all" fought on the eastern front against the Russians (our enemy of the day at that time). I was also surprised when one of the old vets referred to the Jews as "the people who killed Christ."

It is always easy to label and dehuamize others in order to justify our war like nature. This has not changed since humanity began ... unless one counts The Garden.

"Japs" and "Krauts" were our enemies ... now they are our allies. After the "Islamofacist" then it will be the "Koreans." It's always someone!

"It is always easy to label and dehuamize others in order to justify our war like nature."

Bill, you're saying we face no threat whatsoever from Muslims right now and are simply "dehumanizing" them? Furthermore, you think that after 9/11 to justify the War on Terrorism we simply "dehumanized" the terrorists who flew planes into the Trade Center in order to "justify our warlike nature"? And you think that what we are doing is equivalent to what Nazis did to Jews?

That sounds like classic moral relativism to me.

Thats an interesting observation Bill Brown.

We defeat our enemies, but dont enslave them.

If the Iraqi insurgents would seriously look at what we did for Germany and Japan in the post WWII period they would realize that they should use the U.S. occupation to enrich themselves and their families.

I hope that they can find it in themselves to give up their foolish hatred.

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