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Current Affairs

April 24, 2007

I Feel Pretty

Johnedwards1 And who wouldn't feel pretty if your haircuts cost $400.00? Frankly, it's not certain if throwing down four bills is something the populist politician Edwards would say he did "Because I could." or even if it's a matter of having that much expendable income.  Does anyone think Bill Gates spends this much primping his do? More than insincere speeches about two Americas or Coulter's comments on his un-shakeable sexuality, this video, and the presidential candidates visits to the Pink Sapphire hair salon for make-up, will probably doom the Edwards bid for the highest office of the land.

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April 21, 2007

Take Back the Night--And then hit Starbucks for a Latte

RapistAlmost everyday, on College Walk, members of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) set up a small table and aggressively flag passing students down to talk to them about how racist the NYPD are.  Every year students at Columbia University, and across the country, participate in the Take Back the Night March an event that promotes itself with pictures of bananas and underwear and the slogan "Got Consent?". 

Question: What do these two movements have in common? 

Answer: A complete refusal of reality.

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April 20, 2007

Obsessive, Compulsive, in that Order

Obsession_2This week, Columbia University screened the Wayne Kopping film, Obsession.  In the spirit of diversity, the College Republicans extended an invitation to all groups who may have had an objection to the screening.  But why would anyone object to the free exchange of ideas, especially on a college campus, where the goal to challenge the student and encourage thought are plainly stated on the campus brochure? 

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April 19, 2007

Partially Banning Abortion


It seems strange that something as momentous as the Supreme Court upholding the ban on partial-birth abortion would take place without media fanfare.  It may be the disturbing parallels the American public would make with the massacre of students at Virginia Tech.  Of course, abortion is the third-rail of public discourse, but the practice of choosing to eliminate the unborn should not go unchallenged, and fortunately in this country, there are those who feel passionate enough about this issue to oppose it. 


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April 18, 2007

Face of Evil?

New_shootinAs Virginia Tech story unfolds, it's a natural tendency to want to attempt understand such a mindboggling event.  Different members of the public discourse attack this problem from different angles.  Some will investigate the university and their role in student safety.  Others are talking about the police and their response to the incident. Anti-depressants are mentioned as a possible explanation for the shooter's behavior, and many anti-gun proponents see this as justification for their gun control platform.  A group of Asian journalist, feel racism may play some role in this loss of life. 

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April 12, 2007

Why Coulter Counts

Ann_coulter_3 In a media ocean filled with schools of the undistinguished,  Coulter's bold individuality will inevitably curry envy. She set the record straight on what's "mean" and what's "fair game" while taking just enough time to give great suggestions for a beleaguered Imus.  No one gets more unjustified grief than Ann, so it only surprises the haters that she would defend Imus,  and define precisely why the shock jocks comments were inappropriate. In the current self-absorbed culture where the notion "I think" is code for "In my own little world I am absolutely correct", Ann Coulter decides on the conversation and sets the rules.  Liberals beware.

*Note* I have a Cavuto Appearance I'll be posting as soon as it is available.